Melody of The Young Sings Brilliance Even in Tears!

Catch The Young's Youth Story: Embarking on Their Own Path!

YOUTH POP ROCK: Let's feel our own YOUTH!!! through Catch The Young's Unique Music!

Catch The Young tells the story of the period in life that everyone can relate to. They say that the 10s and 20s are the most shining time in life, but those who are living through their 10~20s often cannot fully feel the brilliance of that time. They worry about falling behind others, have trouble sleeping, and get easily hurt by trivial matters. Despite being fragile and hurt, the light that shines from within is so bright that it almost dazzles the eyes. Catch The Young expresses the brilliant moment of youth that everyone experience at least once, through their own genre of music called 'YOUTH POP-ROCK'.


Kang Sani

(Bass, Vocal)

Lee Junyong

(Keyboard, Vocal)

An Kihoon


Choi Jungmo


Kim Namhyun

(Vocal, keyboard)




2023.3 Rolling Hall 28th Anniversary : Catch The Young Concert [Catch The Young Wave]

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