Lee Geun-hyeong, who has long been recognized as a top-class guitar player in the Korean pop music scene, has served as a leader, guitarist, producer, and composer of several important heavy metal bands that cannot be missed in the Korean pop music genealogy. producers since the 1990s. Composer and professional session guitarist Gun Sung-woo's first and third solo albums brought back musical abilities and performances, especially with his rock charm, the direction of composition, arrangement, and electric guitar performance, which is Lee Keun-hyung's unique lethal technique of "As expected!" as well as Lim Jae-beam "Confession", "For You", "For You", "A Year Already", "MC the Max", "Bye for a Moment", and Kim Bum-soo "I Miss You">, Yoon Do-Hyun "I Must Have Loved You" and Lee Eun-mi "I Have a Lover" participated as sessions and producers, and has continued various activities as a producer, a band leader, and a guitar player.




1987.12 Small Sky <Small Sky>
1988.11 small Sky <New Small Sky>
2023.03 Lee Geun hyeong <Alone..Not Alone>

Sessions and Producers Engagement Album 

1991.11 Shin Seong-woo <Toward Tomorrow>
1994.03 Shin Seong-woo <Reason for Leaning in the Sun>
1994.07 Shin Seong-woo <Seo Si>
1998.08 Lim Jae-beom <Confession>
2000.05 Lim Jaebeom "For You"
2001.06 Brown Eyes <A Year Already>
2002.07 YB <Oh! Must-win Korea>
2002.10 MC The Max <Bye for a minute>
2002.12 Kim Bum-soo <I miss you>
2004.07 Lee Seungcheol <Long Day>
2005.04 Yoon Dohyun <I Must Have Loved You>
2005.06 Kim Gunmo <Seoul Moon>
2005.10 Lee Eunmi <I have a lover>



(2023) Lee Geun Hyeong - Alone..Not Alone


2023.03 Lee Geun Hyeong - Alone..Not Alone

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